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Secure Storage

Over 70% of those who die each year die intestate. This could mean that they did not make a Will, or perhaps they did, but no-one could find the ORIGINAL when it was needed. The solution is to have your Will stored in a secure place, safe against loss, damage, fire or theft, and retain a copy at home. The documents would then be registered onto the United Kingdom Professional Will Registry.

After all, should your original Will at home be destroyed in a fire which later took your life, it is equivalent to dying intestate and as if you had not put your affairs in order at all. Secure storage is therefore a valuable option for those who wish to safeguard their Will and any other important legal documentssuch as property deeds.

At Lifetime Estate Planning we can arrange Secure Storage which is backed up by WillScan, using industry leading document scanning technology to keep a tamper proof copy of your Will available for immediate recovery should the original be lost or damaged.

We believe this combination of registration with physical and digital storage provides you with the best possible peace of mind that your Will can be found when required, and submitted unaltered to probate, protecting your beneficiaries and ensuring your last wishes are respected.

40% of valid Wills go missing so storing securely is essential.

Secure Storage

United Kingdom Professional Will Registry

The United Kingdom Professional Will Registry is the national database that acknowledges the production of a correctly executed professional Last Will and Testament and its location, so your Will can always be found.

Lifetime Estate Planning operates on behalf of APS Legal and Associates who are proud to be one of the first approved registered practitioners of the United Kingdom Professional Will Registry.

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